Geek Love

Hello, lost friends!

My life has been full of dog walking, caring for foster kittens, working, buying a car, and only a little bit of reading. However, I took the day off today to regroup, which allowed me to finish Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, pay my library fine (oops), and checkout a stack of books to get back to my books-to-read-in-your-20s list.

But first, Geek Love!

This book was strange and the strangeness drew me in quickly. Oly, the narrator tells the story of her childhood, and every time I thought things were settling down, chaos rained again. Oly’s family ran a freak show/circus of sorts. They traveled across the country with a caravan of odd characters. Each of the children in her family is unique. Oly is a dwarf with a hump on her back, Arty has fins instead of his normal limbs, Elly and Iphy are siamese twins, and baby brother Chick has some special abilities that are revealed shortly after his birth (no spoilers here!).

The family finds different ways to keep recruiting people to their shows, and their experiences and tragedies keep you turning the pages. Oly narrates her childhood, but also jumps forward in time to show us how the Binewski family winds up many years later. This book will keep you interested and engaged. I highly recommend!

What are you all reading this weekend?


One thought on “Geek Love

  1. Glad that you liked Geek Love and that I could gift you something that you hadn’t read yet! Enjoy your day off (stop working so hard and get back to reading)!


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