I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Last week I was on my annual summer vacation! I spent seven days in the woods, without cell phone service, in Northern Wisconsin. It’s the time each year that I can binge read, sit outside, and do plenty of kayaking. This year, the weather was damn near perfect, and I tackled some great reads.

The first book I finished was I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara. I had started this book about two weeks ago, and devoured most of it, but due to some work things, hadn’t had the chance to finish it. I started hearing about the case of the Golden State Killer from a friend, and we watched some shows about the case together. When Joseph DeAngelo was arrested, my phone blew up! My mom and some friends were all texting me, the CNN alerts were coming through, and I knew that I needed to read McNamara’s book.

Her writing is incredible. I appreciated that McNamara’s husband and researchers did not try to finish the book after her death – instead, they pieced together what she had already written to finish the book. The story of McNamara’s process was just as fascinating as the story of how one man got away with such horrific crimes for so long.


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