I finished my first book of 2018 this morning! I started it in November, but finished today. My Goodreads goal of 55 books was a little ambitions for 2017 – I hit some major reading slumps last year. For 2018, I’m setting a goal of 45 books. Still ambitious, but leaves room for me to change some habits and keep reading.

Today, I finished Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood. Atwood has been my favorite writer since I read the Handmaid’s Tale in college. Hag-Seed is Atwood’s retelling of The Tempest (which I have not read, but know the plot of). I loved the way this book was structured. The sort chapters kept my attention, and allowed me to read a chapter, even if I only had a few minutes to spare.

The main character, Felix, loses his job right as he is about to conduct a performance of The Tempest. While most assumes he disappears with his tail between his legs, he allows his anger to simmer into revenge. It takes him years to set the stage to gain his revenge, but he is patient and determined. Felix finally gets to direct The Tempest, through a theatre course for prisoners. Along the way he never loses sight of his goal.

Cheers to all of the reading 2018 will bring!


Fifth Business

This morning I gave up on a book. I cannot remember the last time I did that, or if I have ever actually set a book down with the intention of not finishing it.

I have been slow to pick up Fifth Business by Robertson Davies. This book is the first in The Deptford Series trilogy, which was on my list of books-to-read-in-your-20s. The book is set in Canada in the early 1900s. It begins with the story of two young boys throwing snowballs as they race home. One hits an unintended target, and this act changes several character’s lives forever. I like the main character, but the book has been incredibly boring to me. I am 125 pages in, and I just do not look forward to reading it, so I keep finding other things to do instead.

While this book did not interest me, that does not mean it could not be interesting to you. If you enjoy stories of how World War I impacted people who were both directly (or not-directly) involved in it this book could be added to your TBR. I could not get into it, and used it as a reason not to read for the past two weeks. I’ll be moving onto something else.

What books have you started, but not been able to finish?