I loved Circe.

I saw the beautiful cover all over Instagram, and heard all about the pricing snafu on a Book Riot podcast, so I ordered it in my Book of the Month box. Typically, a book about mythology is not in my wheelhouse, but maybe I need to change my tune. Or, maybe I am just a big Madeline Miller fan.

This book is follows the life of Circe, daughter of a god and a nypmh. Her father is Helios, god of the sun. She is her parent’s first child, and is considered strange from the beginning of her life. She is dedicated to her father as a child, but also has a will of her own. You are introduced to many of the Greek gods and mythological characters, but their power and the lure of their stories does not overpower the story of Circe.

I spent most of my time with this book outside, enjoying the spring/early summer weather and a drink. It was hard to put this book down, and I couldn’t wait to get back to it each time.

Pick this one up if you haven’t!


The Night Circus

I took a one book break from my books-to-read-in-your-20s list to read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. A friend has been telling me to read it for over a year, and she loaned it to me over the holidays. I cannot be more thankful!

It has been a long time since I devoured a book like I did with The Night Circus. It was so nice to sit down and read 100 pages at a time without realizing. It was so easy to get lost in Morgenstern’s world. If you’ve read any posts of mine before, you know that I love books that change perspective, and this book delivered in this area perfectly.

I don’t have some deep literary interpretations of this book – I can just say it was a lovely read with brilliant imagery inside a fantastical world. I did not expect to be drawn in so intensely. Don’t let the length of this book be intimidating because it was one of the quickest reads I’ve had in my hands in a very long time. If you’re one of the few people out there who has not read this book, bump it up to the top of your TBR!