The Circle

I’m excited that I am still posting about vacation reads – it takes me right back to my quiet week on the lake!

I have been excited about the preview of The Circle for a while because I love Emma Watson (who doesn’t?), but refuse to see the movie until I have read the book. This was my second book by Dave Eggers, and I really enjoyed it. I can see how it’s great material to inspire a movie.

The Circle is about a young woman named Mae who starts working for a large tech company who is working on all kinds of projects. The company has a lot of young people working for them and has a huge social media focus. They work to connect people and make the world more transparent.

The deeper Mae becomes involved in the company, the more she changes her lifestyle and the faster she volunteers to open her life up to others in the company and around the world.

This book introduces political concerns, privacy issues, and asks if social media should have limits. It was wonderful to read while I was unplugged for the week, and made me think about the information I put out on the internet, and how companies use it.

Did you see the movie? How did it compare to the book? No spoilers, please!