Song of Solomon

One of the best parts about doing my books-to-read-in-your-20s challenge is that I have finally been able to read things that I have always intended to read, but have not had a chance to pick up. Song of Solomon is one of those books! The only other Morrison I have read is The Bluest Eye, which I had a difficult time with. I think that is why it has taken me so long to pick up another Morrison – I was worried that I would not like it or that it would not live up to my expectations. However, Song of Solomon delivered. Needless to say, the world has been right about Morrison, and I am now caught up. It’s wonderful to read something that was published in the 70s and is still relevant.

Even though I finished this book last weekend, I’m still processing. Milkman, the central character grows up on the edge of everything – his father is a successful black man who owns rental properties, and his aunt’s family is extremely poor and are social outcasts of sorts. He is pulled into both worlds, and has to try to find where he fits and how. Milkman winds up on a journey that takes him across the country, giving the reader insight into race issues from the 30s to the 70s that cause you to think about how things are now. I had several “oh my god how is this still happening” moments.

I may come back to edit this entry later as I think and process more. I can’t wait to read more Morrison soon!